OUR MEMBER - Scott Rebein, CFE

Scott Rebein, CFE
SFR Consulting & Advisory
402 King Farm Boulevard
Suite 125-239
Rockville, MD 20850

240.630.0888 (o)
240.672.2504 (c)
Licensed Professional Investigator
Scott Rebein has over 27 years of Federal law enforcement and leadership experience at the IRS Criminal Investigations Division and as Deputy Special Inspector General (Investigations) for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (“TARP”). Mr. Rebein developed, initiated, and oversaw national and international, highly sensitive, high-impact law enforcement and public protective strategic initiatives. He developed and implemented internal controls programs and assessed compliance with established policies and procedures. He developed and maintained excellent, mutually beneficial relationships with a broad range of governmental agencies and private industry and served as liaison throughout the country with state and Federal prosecutors, and local Federal law enforcement offices. Mr. Rebein created a new Federal law enforcement agency in the wake of the financial crisis that immediately conducted criminal and civil investigations into the financial crisis and investigating fraud, waste and abuse in the TARP, the government’s $700 billion “bailout” of the economy. While at the Special Inspector Generals Office, Mr. Rebein was instrumental in the initiation and successful prosecution of Lee Bently Farkas and 15 others from Tailor, Bean, & Whitaker and Colonial Bank for five fraud schemes totaling $2.9 billion causing the failure of both companies. Since retiring from Federal service in 2015, Mr. Rebein has been engaged by government agencies, attorneys, and private entities providing a wide range of financial investigative and analysis services, litigation support, internal controls assessments, and internal investigations of misconduct by employees.

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