Our Policies

Ethical Responsibility of Members

  • As a member you will provide the quality of services at the prices quoted.
  • Being truthful with members and their referrals is a priority.
  • It is very important to build goodwill and trust among members and their referrals.
  • It is a members responsibility to follow up on all the referrals they receive.
  • We expect members to honor the ethical standards of their profession.
  • A positive & supportive attitude with members of the group is expected.

POLICIES OF Rockville Networking Trust and all other groups in the Networking Trust Organization:

  1. There will be only ONE person represented from each category or profession in each group.
  2. Member must represent their primary or full time business only.
  3. Meeting will be weekly and last 90 minutes. Members are expected to arrive on time and stay for the entire meeting.
  4. Attendance is very important and critical to the overall success of the membership. A member may be asked to leave if absences exceed a member’s attendance during a period 2 months.
  5. A medical leave of absence may be grated to a member on case by case issue. In general there are no other leaves of absence.
  6. As member of the Networking Trust you are expected to provide qualified referrals.
  7. Presentation Speakers are asked to provide a door prize when they are speaking as a Thank You to the membership and those members that provide a referral will be allowed to participate in the drawing at the end of the meeting. (A referral is: referral to other member, or bring a visitor)
  8. A member’s classification can be opened for failure to adhere to these policies.

If you are interested in learning more about our networking group, please fill out the form with your request and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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